Projects 80s

Graphite Ground,The Whitney Museum, Capp Street Project , San Francisco, CA, 1988

GraphiteGround01 GraphiteGround02

A dry rock garden with natural copper conductors radiating fields, Sounds shift and distribute themselves time-sharing and orienting themselves to the presence and activity of the viewers.


Fluid Sound, 1988
Kala Institute, Berkely, California



Fish and audience activated environment with a pool of koi and sand paths for audience observation and interaction. Two ultrasonic systems are used to sense the fish and the audience.

Sound Syzygy, 1983
Walker Art Center

Sound Syzygy02


Sound Syzygy was part of an installation commissioned by the Walker Art Center for John Cage’s 60th birthday. It uses three ultrasonic range finders to locate and feeds back a quadraphonic synthesized soundscape.


Sunspots, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1982

Sunspots02 Sunspots01

Sunspots is a site-specific sound installation that is tuned to the room in which it’s heard. Audience presence and nearness to a copper coiled arch and suspended brass screen determine the combination of sounds.

Windspun, Creative Time in the Bronx, 1981