WATERFALL AND PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE, Fredericke, Taylor Gallery, New York, NY,  2004

ECHO LOCATION, The Queens Museum, 2004

“Echo” is a poetic 3-D video projection that takes us into the kitchens of local ethnic restaurants. Two projectors converge on a spherical screen, creating warped double-exposures on the semi-translucent surface. Slow motion shots of dough being spun into sheets overlap with images of people laughing around a table, arranging breadbaskets, smoking pipes. The effect is mesmerizing, and the multicultural music playing enhances the dreamlike quality of the images…-Laurel Angrist, NY Arts Magazine

WAVETABLE, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, 2003

Sound activated installation of waves and responsive sound whistles uses sustained delays and transposed responses. The Aluminum table structure was made to resonate like as steel drum at multiple frequencies, each resonant to a sub audio frequency to create waves. Tuned resonant filters and compressors listen to the audience sound and respond in phrases, volumes, and pitches in surprising relationships and with waves.

metalwork by Isaac Zal, Joan LaBarbara voice, Kevin Kay, video


ECHO EVOLUTION, The Kitchen, 2002

This is an excerpt on a video from my exhibition at the Kitchen in NYC.This interactive installation uses custom designed neon tubes . Ultrasonic rangefinders pick up audience position and motion. Light flows and shifts color with motion and stillness of audience. Sound samples morph and locate in space. Sounds are made from samples of spinning objects and digital sound and signal processing.


This is a prologue to the interactive installation of the same name presented by Creative Time at the Anchorage in the summer of 2001. It was part of the last show, Massless Medium, permitted in that amazing space under the Brooklyn Bridge. In only a month or two 9.11 would end all that. This is the story behind the project, as told by Liz Phillips, one of the pioneers of interactive sound art.